History and Vision

Our History

Since 1887 God has allowed First Baptist Church to be a light for Him in Kennett, Missouri.  For 123 years, God has used First Baptist members in this town of 10,000 people to first and foremost lead people to salvation and provide ministries to enable men, women, children, and teenagers to grow in their faith.  First Baptist is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and Black River Baptist Association.

The first church building was a two-story wood structure on the corner of Jackson and St. Francis Streets built in 1888.  In 1905 the first church was razed and construction on a new building was begun.  Services in the new church began in 1906.  The building was destroyed by fire in 1916.  Following the fire, First Baptist bought the corner lot of St. Francis and Harvey.  In 1920 the current building was completed.  In the year 2000 members voted to relocate all facilities to 1090 Southwest Drive.  The first phase of the relocation was completed in 2009 with the dedication of the Family Life Center.

In the 123-year history of First Baptist souls have been saved under the leadership of 24 God-called pastors.  Brother M.V. Baird served as the first pastor and Bro. Ed Jansson currently serves the congregation as pastor.

First Baptist members recognize and serve Jesus Christ as Sovereign Lord.  He will continue to be glorified at First Baptist Church in Kennett, Missouri, in all worship services and in all phases of ministries.

Our Vision

The Church in our generation has been and will be God’s plan for bringing hope, life and the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.

We plan through prayer, sacrifice and relationship-building, to be a receptacle of hope and life to those we touch. Through worship, Bible study, evangelism, community service, Christ-centered living and discipleship, we hope to expand our influence for Christ and affect others in a positive way.

You are invited to join us in this journey of faith. Through prayer and persistence, we must align our vision and values toward things that will matter for eternity.